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Hot Shot Full Movie Basketball Tagalog Version Dance

Hot Shot: A Basketball Movie with a Twist of Dance

Hot Shot is a 2008 Taiwanese drama series that revolves around the lives and passions of three young basketball players. The series stars Jerry Yan, Show Lo, and Wu Chun as the main leads, and also features Coco Jiang, George Hu, and Zhou Cai Shi as the supporting cast. Hot Shot is a blend of romance, comedy, sports, and dance, as the characters face various challenges and conflicts in their pursuit of their dreams.

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The Plot

The story begins with Yuan Da Ying (Jerry Yan), a carefree and naive young man who loves basketball but has no talent for it. He meets Dong Fang Xiang (Wu Chun), a legendary basketball player who has retired from the sport due to a knee injury. Dong Fang Xiang agrees to coach Yuan Da Ying and help him improve his skills. Meanwhile, Li Ying (Zhou Cai Shi), a reporter who is obsessed with Dong Fang Xiang, joins the basketball team as a manager to get closer to him.

On the other hand, there is Ji Zhan (Show Lo), a street dancer who is also a skilled basketball player. He leads a dance crew called D-Team, which consists of his friends Xiao Xi (Coco Jiang), Wu Ji Zun (George Hu), and Ding Wei (Michael Zhang). Ji Zhan has a rivalry with Dong Fang Xiang, who he considers his nemesis. He also has a crush on Li Ying, who he tries to impress with his dance moves.

The plot thickens when Yuan Da Ying, Dong Fang Xiang, and Ji Zhan join the same basketball team, called Hot Shot, which is sponsored by a wealthy businessman named Tian Xin (Gu Bao Ming). The team aims to compete in the national championship and prove themselves as the best players in the country. However, they have to overcome many obstacles and enemies along the way, such as the powerful team called Firestorm, led by Wu Ji Wei (Chen Bo Lin), and the scheming reporter Qiu Kui (Zhang Yan Ming).

The Dance

One of the unique features of Hot Shot is the incorporation of dance elements into the basketball scenes. The series showcases various styles of dance, such as hip hop, breakdance, jazz, and ballet. The dance sequences are choreographed by famous Taiwanese dancers and choreographers, such as Xiao Gui (Alien Huang), Lollipop F (Fahrenheit), and Da Mouth. The series also features guest appearances by popular singers and actors, such as Rainie Yang, Jolin Tsai, S.H.E., Fahrenheit, and Jay Chou.

The dance scenes add more excitement and entertainment to the series, as they demonstrate the creativity and versatility of the characters. The dance scenes also serve as a way of expressing the emotions and personalities of the characters, as well as their relationships with each other. For example, Ji Zhan uses dance as a way of flirting with Li Ying, while Dong Fang Xiang uses dance as a way of coping with his injury and depression.

The Review

Hot Shot is a fun and enjoyable series that appeals to fans of basketball, dance, romance, and comedy. The series has a fast-paced and engaging plot that keeps the viewers hooked from start to finish. The series also has a talented and charismatic cast that brings the characters to life. The series has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and has won several awards and nominations for its performance and production.

If you are looking for a movie that combines basketball and dance in an entertaining way, you should check out Hot Shot. You can watch the full movie online on [Bilibili] or [DLFlix-Movies]. You can also listen to the soundtrack on [SoundCloud]. You will not regret watching this movie that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and dance along with the characters.


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