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A place where you can 


Missouri City's Premier Training Studio That Provides Tailored-Training for Every Client

We guarantee RESULTS! After 90 days, if you don't see results, we will REFUND you one month membership.
*Requires an average of 3 visits per week and must be tracked via the booking system as proof of attendance. 

What we offer






Movement & Agility


& Recovery

What sets us apart in the big world of health and fitness

We possess state-of-the-art 
recovery equipment 

Unlike other gyms and studios, Bell's Life places a large focus on your ability to recover from a strenuous workout or general ailments that keep you from seeing and making the progress you want. Using cryotherapy, massage compression and other systems, Bell's Life helps you RECOVER QUICKER so you can attain your goals. 



We pride our selves on providing excellent customer service as well as safe and comfortable space for our members

We care about all of our members deeply. Anyone that comes through our doors will instantly feel a since of belong. We are here to serve you and ensure every moment with us is like being with family. We have zero tolerance any misconduct or foul behavior. Your time with us matters and were here to work with you to achieve your goals.


Want to experience more? Try our specialized training.

Workout Facility

The BTRU Method

We work with you from the basics all the way to advance movement and fitness technique. Where your an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey our method is tailored for your success.

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