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Learning about free bet offers when signing up - Guide to claiming promotions

Currently, there are many online sports betting platforms operating in Vietnam. To attract new players, these platforms free bet bookmaker ​when signing up. This article will help you understand more about these promotional programs and how to claim free bets from reputable platforms.

Sportsbooks offering free bets when signing up

Free bets when signing up are an amount of money that sportsbooks give to new players when they successfully register an account. The amount can range from tens of thousands to millions of dong, depending on the sportsbook. Some platforms that frequently offer such promotions include:


Offers a 100% bonus up to 1,500,000 VND for new members

Provides an additional 15% bonus on reloads

High odds with low bonus conversion rates


Offers a 100% bonus up to 2,000,000 VND

Participates in attractive weekly promotional programs

User-friendly interface, easy to use


Offers 188,000 VND for new members to try their luck

Provides a 20% weekly refund on losing bets

Fast deposit/withdrawal support, multiple payment methods

Benefits of receiving free bets from sportsbooks

Receiving free bets from sportsbooks brings many benefits to players, including:

Free experience of betting games

Free bets allow new players to experience betting games on the platform without spending money. This is a good opportunity for players to learn about betting games and find the ones that suit them.

Increased chances of winning bets

With free bet money, players can increase their chances of winning bets. If lucky, players can win bets and earn a large amount of money.

Cost savings

Free bets help players save money when participating in online betting.

Types of free bets offered by sportsbooks

Sportsbooks' free bets can be divided into two main types:

Free bets without withdrawal conditions

This type of free bet does not require players to fulfill any conditions to withdraw money. Players only need to successfully register an account to use the free bet for betting.

Free bets with withdrawal conditions

This type of free bet requires players to meet certain conditions before they can withdraw money. These conditions often include:

Betting a certain number of rounds

Depositing money into the account

Completing other tasks set by the sportsbook

Players need to carefully read the terms of each program to know what conditions they need to meet.

How to claim free bets from sportsbooks

To claim free bets from sportsbooks, players need to follow these steps:

Visit the good betting site or app of the sportsbook

Search for the Promotions or Free Bet sections

Choose the appropriate promotional program

Register an account

Click on the Register button to join the program

Fill in all required personal information

Confirm registration

Double-check the information before submitting the form

Click the Confirm button to complete

Check the account balance

Log in to the newly registered account

Check if you have received the promotional money

Conditions for receiving free bets from sportsbooks

Each free bet promotion program has its own conditions. Players need to carefully read the conditions of the program before participating. Some common conditions include:

Players must be Vietnamese citizens aged 18 and above

Players must not have had an account with the sportsbook before

Players must provide accurate personal information

Failure to meet these conditions will result in not being able to receive free bets.

Notes when receiving free bets from sportsbooks

Players need to note some points after receiving free bets from sportsbooks:

Carefully check the terms of the promotional program before participating

Read the instructions on how to receive free bets to avoid confusion

Comply with the terms of the program to be able to withdraw money

Failure to follow the instructions may result in not receiving money or encountering difficulties when withdrawing money.

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Reputable sportsbooks offering free bets

In today's online betting market, there are many sportsbooks offering free bets when signing up. However, not all sportsbooks are trustworthy and reliable.

To choose a reputable sportsbook, you need to rely on the following criteria:

The sportsbook must have a legitimate operating license

The sportsbook must have a reputable brand, trusted by many players

Good service quality, enthusiastic customer support

Offers many attractive promotional programs

Some reputable sportsbooks today include W88, M88, Fabet,... You should prioritize choosing these sportsbooks to ensure your own benefits.

How to choose sportsbooks offering free bets

To choose the right sportsbook offering free bets, you need to:

Thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the program

Choose sportsbooks with many advantages and high bonuses

Read reviews from players who have received bonuses

Check the operating history and reputation of the sportsbook

By doing so, you will be able to choose a suitable sportsbook to easily and safely receive free bets.


With the above information, it is hoped that you have a clearer understanding of the promotional programs offering free bets when signing up with sportsbooks, as well as how to easily claim these promotions. Choose reputable sportsbooks to ensure your own benefits. Good luck!


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