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The BTRU Blog by Bell's Life Enhancement

Welcome to the BTRU Blog! Everything Fitness, Recovery and in Between.

In this first installment of the BTRU Blog we'll discuss all types of subjects including fitness, diet, supplements, recovery and just life! So check in with us and review posts from our Bell's Life Enhancement team for some topics we think you might enjoy.

First Up.... Where's the motivation?

If you're like me, over the years, it's been a constant challenge to get motivated, let alone STAY motivated, to workout. There never seems to be enough time in the day or my energy just feels drained after waking up early and going to bed late, all while trying to manage a crazy day. But I honestly have to say that after I do workout, I feel SOOO much better. Granted, this may be because working out causes your body to release endorphins which chemically make you happy and provide a feeling of positivity. BUUUT, I also think it's because I have this sense of accomplishment that I did it. I did what I set out to do and didn't let anything stop me.

The Fitness Journey

Before I began my fitness journey.....and yes, it's a loooong journey.... years ago, I would always look at other physically fit people and tell myself, "I wish I could get there" or "I wish I had the discipline to workout like that". And unfortunately, this was one of the reasons I stayed skinny and much less fit than I am today [although I definitely got derailed for a little while, but I'm now back at it..... but that's a Blog for another day :-) ]. I was looking to others as a blueprint of what I wanted; and like many millenials, I wanted it NOW. There's nothing wrong with looking up to others as inspiration. But as I said, fitness is a journey, and it's hard to discipline yourself when you're looking for the quick fix.

Luckily however, I took some classes and learned what it means to train and be a trainer. I gained a better understanding of how to make changes in my life that would help me reach those goals and I put that knowledge to use. I started slowly, going to the gym 1-2 times per week. Then I'd increase to 3 times and 4 times per week. Then 5 and sometimes but definitely not always, 6 times a week. And I noticed the reasons I gave myself for not going before eventually went away. I made time for myself and my goals and didn't let other things or people derail me. But most importantly, I stopped looking to others as inspiration and looked to myself to be my own inspiration. Every time I saw a percentage of body fat decrease or an extra 10lbs added to some weight I was lifting, I celebrated ME and also re-challenged myself to go further. Eventually I got into the best shape of my life, even more so than when I was young and much more agile and able.


So, in closing, I'd like to encourage you to take some time to set some goals today for yourself. And DON'T use someone else's success as your end goal; focus on YOU and how you can achieve the best version of YOU. Once you figure this out, write your goals down in pen (not pencil; no erasing and changing). Be sure they're attainable goals. And start slow!!!! (i.e. if you don't go to the gym today, don't make a goal that you'll start going 7 days a week beginning next week... try for 2 days for the first 2-4 weeks, then increase after you achieve that goal) Once you're set with your goals; review them, internalize them, set a plan for how you'll achieve them, and then.... GET TO WORK!!!!

If you liked this first installment of The BTRU Blog, leave us a message. If you didn't, leave a message anyway :-)

If you are interested in any topics, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate!

- Chris Murray

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