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Tiny Guardians - Alternative Appearance Bundle Download Dlc

Tiny Guardians - Alternative Appearance Bundle Download Dlc

Tiny Guardians is a tower defence game with a twist, where you summon unique guardians to protect Lunalie, a sorceress who is searching for her missing aunt. The game features 12 guardian classes, each with 4 upgrade levels, and over 40 enemy types to challenge your strategy. Tiny Guardians was developed by Kurechii, a Malaysia-based indie game studio, and released on Steam in 2016.

If you are a fan of Tiny Guardians and want to spice up your gameplay, you might be interested in the Alternative Appearance Bundle DLC, which adds new skins for all the guardian classes. The DLC was released in 2017 and costs $4.99. The new skins are not just cosmetic changes, they also have different voice lines and sound effects to match their themes. For example, the Paladin class becomes a Samurai, the Druid becomes a Panda, and the Sorceress becomes a Witch. You can see the full list of the alternative appearances in this guide.


The Alternative Appearance Bundle DLC is a great way to support the developers and enjoy a fresh look for your favorite guardians. You can download the DLC from the Steam store page or from the game's main menu. Once you have installed the DLC, you can switch between the original and alternative appearances by clicking on the icons in the class selection screen. You can also mix and match different skins for different classes to create your own unique team.

Tiny Guardians is a charming and challenging game that will appeal to fans of tower defence and strategy games. The Alternative Appearance Bundle DLC adds more variety and fun to the game, making it worth checking out. If you want to learn more about Tiny Guardians, you can visit the official website, follow the developers on Twitter or Facebook, or join the Steam community.


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